Where in the world can we find a set of tires to this car?!

Now in Sweden the midsummer festival just went by.

I´ve on the other hand been crawling the web on a lot of sites and businesses in search for a set of tires with the dimensions 765x105mm, with a beaded edge for my Crossley 14Hp 1923. I´ve seen that the tires are being used on some early Bugatti models as well, but that´s not unusual specially since Crossley Motors were building Bugatti cars with an exclusive license. So just the other day I found the British suppliers Longstone Tyres, which changed my mood. There are some sets of tyres still left, so I´ll scrape some cash out of the fund, and place an order in near time. 

So if any of you have any other nice suppliers to turn to, please send an e-mail to me.

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